What to Consider When Searching for the Best Rates for Accommodation in Harare

With a boom in global travel over the last decade or so, accommodation providers are becoming plentiful. This means there’s a wide variety of rates to scope when searching for accommodation in Harare, or anywhere in the world. But what goes into deciding what the rates are? Is cheaper always better? What does value for money mean when you’re choosing accommodation? We address all these questions and more in our latest blog.

1) Whether Or Not Meals Are Included In The Rates

One thing’s for sure, you’ll need to eat while you travel. Some lodges, like ours, offer breakfast daily as part of the package. Others, however, will either charge an extra amount or have a restaurant you can buy from on the premises. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so take this into account when browsing through accommodation rates.

2) How Accessible Transport Is From The Hotel Or Lodge

You’ll want to stay at a hotel that has a shuttle service and includes transport rates within the overall cost. This takes away the headache of trying to navigate an unfamiliar area on your own using public transport and incurring extra costs. Sometimes taxi services inflate charges for travellers, so using transport provided for by your hotel will save you extra costs.

3) Ratings Based On Star Ratings

We all know that accommodation prices vary based on the star rating that a hotel has. This is a good start to when looking for suitable rates for your budget, however, there might not be that much of a difference between differently rated places ft you look into what you require versus what’s on offer. It’s about deciding what you value most and if you’re willing to pay for it.

4) What You Get For Your Money

Is the rate you’re paying worth what you’re getting? Is there value in the accommodation’s offerings? Are you paying for a five-course when you’re only get three? Are you paying for hotel rates for tent-like accommodation? With this in mind be sure to research and ask what exactly is included within the per night or per sharing rate. Does the rate include use of the communal pool and spa facilities? Does it come with room service? Ask, ask, ask to be sure you’re not ripped off.

At the end of the day, the price of Harare accommodation shouldn’t be the only determining factor when you choose your stay. It’s about curating the most comfortable and convenient and experience for your vacation by finding a temporary home base which caters to all your needs. At Willow Lodge, we tick all the boxes, with rooms ranging from $140 to $260 per night. Book your stay online today.


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