5 Things That Every Top Best Bed and Breakfast in Harare Should Provide In 2020

It’s easy for any holiday accommodation to brand themselves as ‘the best’ without really putting in the effort. Putting up a convincing online platform and advertisements is one thing, but following through on the promises is a different ball game altogether. Nobody wants to fall into the grip of a chancer, so how can you tell if a bed and breakfast in Harare lives up to the hype? As one of the top lodges in the area, we know what it takes to rank among the best. In this blog, we highlight all the details you should look for when seeking your next B & B stay.

Must-Have #1: The Most Important Meal Of The Day (Duh!)

It’s in the name, so it should be a given, right! Not always. Some places market themselves as bed and breakfasts, but charge extra for the service. Avoid getting duped by double-checking that a morning meal is part of the package.

Must-Have #2: Fresh Linen On A Super Comfortable Bed

There’s nothing more disappointing than paying for accommodation only to find that the sleeping situation is less than ideal. The best lodges and hotels always make their beds with high-quality, clean bedding and offer room service daily.

Must-Have #3: Somewhere Secure To Place Your Valuables

Losing valuable documents, gadgets or money while traveling is a nightmare. This is why it’s important for your bed and breakfast to have a safe either in your room or at another secure location on the premises – with keys in your hand of course.

Must-Have #4: Proximity To All The Top Amenities And Activities

Staying close to all the fun and interesting things means you have enough time to try them all. A place with this on their resume definitely scores high on the experience factor.

Must-Have #5: Great Quality Toiletries For You To Use During Your Stay

You know that nostalgia you get from a familiar smelling wafting past? That feeling is what makes complimentary toiletries an important part of your holiday stay. They give you a unique experience that you will associate with the trip for a long time to come.

No detail is too small to look into. It’s all about identifying the things that matter most to you and booking accommodation with a place that delivers them. If you’re looking to stay in a top bed and breakfast in Harare, Willow Lodge can cater to all your needs and more. Book your stay today.