Take The Load Off And Lodge At Willow Lodge, The Best In Harare Lodges

Lodges are the ultimate spot to take the load off, with beautiful sunsets and sundowners to take the edge off and seamlessly submerge guests in all the calm and tranquillity that is on offer. While there are dozens of hotels and lodges to stay at in Harare, Willow Lodge is the best bed and breakfast lodge in Harare and here’s why.

Load Off In Laid-Back Accommodation

Tucked away in the tranquil northern suburbs of Harare, it’s easy to unwind at this`laid-back accommodation. Willow Lodge is ideally located on a property boasting the perfect marriage between secluded, nature-inspired living and close enough access to the city and urban surrounds. Guests can let stress ease away with walks in nature and sunset views while sipping on refreshing sundowners. Restful sleep and late wake-ups are sublime when you’re staying in this cosy boutique hotel, far away from the hustle and bustle of normal work life.

Experience luxury lodging in suites and garden rooms which afford privacy for the romantically inclined and high-quality family rooms are fit for families who want to lodge, lounge around and live a life of luxury for a while.

Lodge Off In Luxury

Just because it’s a bed and breakfast doesn’t mean that all the luxury found at a premier hotel is not on the cards at Willow Lodge. While the comfort of bed and breakfast is on offer, a luxurious, high-quality stay is still not even up for debate with us.

Lodging Life Is Bliss

While taking a load off here while lodging, guests can enjoy a fine dining experience which will see them dining on the best cuisine Harare has to offer. Out of the long list of lodges in Harare, Willow Lodge is one of the few which offer pampering spa services and a beautician. And what’s better than filling your lodging time with pampering and beauty treatments? It’ll leave guests feeling refreshed and restored in no time.

Lodging Life Made Better With VIP Services

Willow Lodge offers every guest the personalised service found at a prestigious hotel to make them feel undeniably special. Whether for a brief business trip or an extended, relaxing stay with many days of lodging laziness, expect VIP services along the way! Airport transfers and car services are also available to treat guests like first-class royalty as well as premium services such as daily housekeeping, room service, chauffeured drives, WiFi and babysitting.

For the optimal in lodging luxury, stay at Willow Lodge, the best Harare luxury lodges of 2019. For more information or to make a booking, call us.