What to Look For in your Harare Guest House

Your choice in guest house in Harare plays a vital role in how pleasant and enjoyable your trip will be. When you have a great holiday experience, you will return home stress-free, well-rested and happy.

To provide this kind of pleasant experience, a guest house should offer convenience, comfort and functionality. Here are the essentials you should look for in any guesthouse in Harare.

  • Location

You will want the guest house that you stay at to be within easy accessibility of all the top tourist attractions and shopping destinations. In a Staistica.com study that investigated what factors were important to travellers when choosing accommodation, 80% of the participants identified location as being incredibly important. So, ask yourself: what are the nearby amusement parks and outdoor attractions Harare is famed for?

  • Transport

Is transport easily and quickly available for getaways to neighbouring spots? Are car hire services and airport transfers available? A visit is nothing without access, so make sure you’re covered.

  • Safety

The neighbourhood your guest house is situated in is critically important. Is it noisy or looking rundown or do the roads look neglected? These are all tell-tale signs to look out for. Alternatively, you can head away from the city centre for a more tranquil setting.

  • Amenities

The services provided within the area tie in directly with functionality of your stay. For today’s traveller living in a world driven by data, access to good Wi-Fi coverage is a top priority. Other highly sought-after services include what entertainment options are available for those times when you just want to stay in and put your feet up.

  • Comfort

Comfort relates to how well a room or accommodation meets your needs. Are there adequate secure storage space available, bedside reading lamps, a table and chairs? Is the room clean and pleasant and well-maintained? Basically, how at home do you feel?

Guest houses in Harare are an ideal choice whether you are travelling on business or on a well-deserved leisure break. They offer a more personal touch than other types of holiday accommodation and generally are found to be cheaper than hotels.

For however long your stay in Harare is, you will want your guest house to be like your home away from home. Make Willow Lodge your preferred choice, book your stay today.