Harare: The All-In-One Tourist Destination

The modern traveller is spoilt for choice when it comes to top destinations around the world. There are the obvious European and North American must-sees but it is often those off-the-beaten-track destinations that provide the ultimate travel experience.

Harare is a rare true-at-heart African gem for tourists. Here’s our argument as to why Harare is one of Africa’s all-time, all-in-one tourist destinations of note.

In looking at the countless factors that make Harare a top tourist destination, hotels in Harare, the eclectic pool of best places to visit, iconic landmarks and natural wonders in addition to providing an A-Z of things to do is just a taste a tourist can expect.

  1. Unique appearance

A successful tourist destination needs a unique environment. Harare is a city of contradictions; from the art galleries, vibrant dining destinations, thriving streets markets to its own unique art form – roadside stone sculptures. The luminescent panoramic views and cave rock art offer an additional unique layer to the city’s visual cues.

  1. Tourist accommodation

An all-in-one destination must meet one of the basic needs of the tourist – accommodation. From hotels in Harare to B&B guest houses there is a diverse choice available to suit individual preferences and pockets.

  1. Tourism shopping

Tourism shopping is a term coined by the UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) pointing to its important role in tourism-generation. Tourists find local shopping in a city highly appealing. In a survey by MasterCard Observatory on Premium Markets and Prestige Products, 58% agreed that they enjoy local shopping in a city. Sam Levy’s Village and Avondale flea market are two highly recommended shopping destinations for tourists visiting Harare.

  1. A-Z of things to do and see

Harare is one of those remarkable cities on the continent that caters to the many whims and fancies that tourists demand. There are the historical relics for history buffs, wildlife sanctuaries and game viewing for those nature conservationists and plenty of water sport options for wet and wild adventures.

To experience all that this African city has to offer, your first step would be to book a hotel in Harare. Willow Lodge offers comfortable convenient travel accommodation in a splendid lush setting.