Have These Pills On Hand In Your Harare Guest Lodge To Beat Vacation Sickness

It’s more common than you think to get sick on holiday, and it’s just as likely to hit you at a hotel in New York as it’s in a guest lodge in Harare. Not only does travelling expose you to dozens of strangers (any number of whom could have a bug or virus), but the process itself can take its toll on your body. Thankfully, it’s rare to get seriously ill and most people just suffer from a few unpleasant symptoms for a day or two. Keep reading to find out why we fall sick so easily when travelling and what pills to have on hand to remain comfortable.

Why travelling can make you sick

Cross country and continent flying involves disturbances to your circadian rhythms and sleep patterns, weakening your immune system. The stress that accompanies travelling doesn’t help, either. While regularly washing your hands, staying hydrated and resting will help, you can sometimes arrive feeling a little worse for wear despite your best efforts. Here’s what to have on hand to make your trip as comfortable as possible:

  1. Melatonin – this natural aid triggers your body’s sleep patterns without having a sedating effect. Having it on hand will help you sleep without experiencing grogginess afterwards.
  2. Rehydration medicine – If you’re travelling via plane you’ll spend hours in an extremely dry environment. In addition, if you come from colder country, you might find your destination unbearably hot. Staying hydrated will prevent headaches and keep you alert.
  3. Paracetamol and ibuprofen – headaches can strike at random times, and you don’t want the pain to infringe on your precious vacation time. Having an over the counter painkiller means you can nip the headache in its tracks before it has a chance to become worse and ruin your day.

Preparation is key

A visit to your doctor is important before any trip. Depending on your country of origin and health status, you might need a series of vaccinations against a variety of conditions. They will let you know which ones are necessary and help you to schedule them before your trip.

There’s nothing worse than being sick on holiday. Even if you rarely get ill, you’ll want to take the above with you – just in case!

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