Unplug And Reconnect With Harare

With so much happening in the world and in our personal lives, a little escape can do one good. With that, travelling and booking into some of the finest Harare hotels is a splendid idea. What’s more, staying at a luxury bed and breakfast that has all the qualities of a hotel and a bit of a digital detox will do you wonders.

What Is A Digital Detox?

Digital detoxing is a period when one lets go of using technology devices such as smartphones, computers, tablets, and plugging into social media sites. What’s great about a digital detox is that you get the chance to focus on real-life social experiences and interactions without the distractions of online living.

Temporarily forgoing digital devices while visiting Harare is a great chance for you to let go of the stresses of constant connectivity.

What To Do While On A Digital Detox 

The average adult spends about 11 hours a day listening, watching, reading and interacting with media both online and offline. This is a large amount of our days spent without actual social interaction. Enjoying time to yourself or with your loved ones without digital devices for a brief time can do wonders. Here’s what you can get up to while visiting bed and breakfasts and hotels in Harare like Willow Lodge:

Sleep In

Luxury bed and breakfast’s and hotels in Harare have some of the best and most comfortable beds for a serene rest. A healthy stay away from home, without any digital interference, will allow you a full night’s sleep, with beauty naps during the day that you deserve.

Get Hydrated

One of the most important things to check off your daily to-do list while travelling to Harare is keeping yourself hydrated. Make sure that while exploring the great outdoors and seeing the splendour of Harare through your digital camera and not your smartphone, you fill up with liquids when out on your ventures.

Enjoy A Hearty Breakfast

Breakfast is an important meal, so starting your day with the most important breakfast spread will boost your day’s activities the right way.

Slim Up, Tone Up And Get Your Groove

Hotels in Harare and bed and breakfast’s like ours come with a lunch lawn where you can take advantage of the open air for a little exercise and meditation. Experience outdoor yoga or a gym workout in the morning or the cool evening breeze.

In these somewhat pre-and post-apocalyptic times, going off the grid, unplugging and having a digital detox at one of the finest bed and breakfasts and hotels in Harare can give you a clear view of the beauty of your surroundings. Visit Willow Lodge in Harare for a pleasant stay!