Three Changes To Look Out For Post-COVID-19 In Hotels In Harare

Whether you’re a traveller or a hotel investor in Harare, we’ve all been hit hard by COVID-19; the virus has rushed in like a wrecking ball. Hotels across Harare and the industry have transformed in the wake of the virus. However, as this has become the “new normal”, and the virus subsides, an even bigger transformation is on the horizon. With that, hotels will need to adjust their operations from the ground up, and these are things that you, as a traveller, will need to be aware of.

The future may look grim during this pandemic; however, there’s much that will remain the same. For the purpose of this blog, we’re going to look at the latter as well as what to expect from hotels in Harare post the pandemic.

Here’s a peek into what hotels in Harare will look like post-COVID-19.

The New State Of Hotels In Harare Post-COVID-19

Sure, the future is often hard to predict, but some indicators provide a visual representation of how hotels in Harare will look like. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Touchless Technology

As mentioned, a lot will remain the same, but the scars of the pandemic will always remind us of what was and the possibility of a new wave or virus outbreak; we can expect more touchless technology will pop up across hotels in Harare.

As a visitor, you’ll have access to more dispensers and sanitation stations. There will be more minimisation of person-to-person contact with the use of mobile apps for checking in and room service.

  • Cleanliness At The Core

Sanitation is vital, with or without the Coronavirus, especially in hotels in Harare. With an emphasis on constant hand and surface sanitising and wiping, we can expect a new definition of cleanliness. Hotels in Harare will start adding fresh seals on doors, sanitising stations and constant cleaning in and around rooms.

  • Better In-Room Offering

As a hotel in Harare, it remains a priority to focus on the needs and comfort of our guests. As such, reducing shared devices will be at the forefront of our activities for your peace of mind. Hotels in Harare will shift towards voice-command devices such as control lights, TVs, and air conditioning in rooms.

These and more things will change the state of hotels in Harare, and it is up to us and you to make the most of these changes. At Willow Lodge, we’re dedicated to making your stay with us during and post-COVID-19 as safe and comfortable as possible. We will always keep you up to date with regulations and updates on our operations. Check in with us for a comfortable and safe stay today!