Discover The 5 Most Romantic Places To Visit In Harare

Whether you’re planning a special Valentine’s Day getaway or just want to enjoy a romantic escape, Harare is the perfect destination. Experience its vibrant culture, stunning landscapes and romantic attractions ‒ all while taking in the breathtaking view of the

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Top Family Places To Visit In Harare With Willow Lodge

Are you looking for a family-friendly destination that has something for everyone? Look no further than Harare – the vibrant and captivating capital of Zimbabwe. Home to spectacular attractions, lively markets, and beautiful parks, Harare is the perfect destination for

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How To Feel At Home Straight Away At Harare Hotels

The key to creating a memorable stay, more often than not, comes down to something as simple as proper planning. Harare hotels are widely recognized as being conscientious to guests, and Willow Lodge particularly prides itself on being sensitive to

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Why You Should Avoid Cheap Lodges In Harare

We would like to preface this message with the understanding that there are many times in which finding budget accommodation or opting for cheap lodges in Harare will make sense. The difference, of course, being that not every traveller wants

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Consider A Hotel In Harare For Your Conference Venue

There are many factors and decisions to consider when planning an “out of town” corporate event. The venue choice is the largest decision that will navigate the planning and organisation of your conference and have the greatest impact. Especially if

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5 Fun Date Ideas In Harare

Many couples make their way to our beautiful country, Zimbabwe, to make the most of their honeymoon together. Going on a safari adventure, visiting Victoria Falls or floating on the Kariega Dam is definitely an exciting way to make memories

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5 Traditional Zimbabwean Foods You Have To Try

Fresh ingredients and time-tested recipes are typically what distinguish Zimbabwean cuisine. As a result of using ingredients that are widely available throughout most of Africa, several Zimbabwean recipes are regarded as staples on the continent. Zimbabweans have always been quite

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