Why You Should Avoid Cheap Lodges In Harare

We would like to preface this message with the understanding that there are many times in which finding budget accommodation or opting for cheap lodges in Harare will make sense. The difference, of course, being that not every traveller wants to travel on a dime. Some really do want to have the best possible experience and indulge in the experience ‒ and for those travellers, we are the perfect fit.

Willow Lodge is a high-end experience that offers tranquillity and comfort unlike any other in our vicinity. Truly, the Willow Lodge experience is for guests who want to feel pampered and special, and ironically we offer this experience at an extremely affordable rate. So why should you avoid jumping for the cheapest option? Let’s take a look.

Common Issues You Might Encounter When Staying At A Cheap Lodge

Here are the top ten problems you might have to deal with if you choose cheap accommodation:

1) Noise

Cheap lodges use cheap resources, which means thin walls and less staff to handle unruly guests.

2) Dirty Rooms

Lower budgets for housekeeping means less staff and lower standards.

3) Power Issues

Africa is notorious for unstable power issues. Cheaper lodges won’t have a backup plan.

4) Security

Cutting corners includes the level of safety measures that can be employed.

5) Pests / Poor Sanitation

Rats, insects, bugs, and worse are common when sanitation standards drop.

6) Sub-par Meals

Cheap ingredients and lesser-trained cooking staff mean a lower grade of meal service.

7) Uncomfortable Mattresses

A lumpy, saggy, or an otherwise bad mattress is a common issue with budget stays.

8) Water Supply

Hot weather only compounds issues with water supply. Low-end accommodations may not have resources for a supported water supply.

9) Room Service Frustrations

Slow, untrained, and sparse service staff can make your stay frustrating and uncomfortable.

10) Lack of Amenities

Cheap lodges won’t provide higher-end services as part and parcel of their offering for your convenience.

Choose A Lodge Worth Staying At

At Willow Lodge, you will always be welcomed as an honoured guest, and we pride ourselves on going above and beyond to cater to all your needs. Look forward to fine dining, complimentary Wi-Fi, and breathtaking surroundings unlike anywhere else on earth. So skip the cheap lodges in Harare and get in touch with us today to make your booking or get more information.