Benchmarked Quality Accommodation Facilities in Harare

They say expectations lead to disappointment, but there are some expectations that need to be upheld when it comes to accommodation. When you don’t know what to expect from benchmarked facilities in a certain city, it’s hard to know what you should accept. So, the question remains, what qualities of benchmarked facilities should you expect from your accommodation in Harare?

Free Wi-Fi

Today, a strong internet connection is essential in your accommodation, whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure. Whether you want to check your emails, get your daily dose of news, or just upload your holiday photos to social media, you’re going to need Wi-Fi to do so. Harare is a bustling city and there’s no excuse for any lodge or hotel not to have Wi-Fi.

Secure Parking

You don’t want to be forced to park on the street with a rented car or worse, paying for parking. Parking on the street could lead to your window being smashed or even your being car stolen. All places of accommodation should offer their guests secure, off street parking so that they can sleep easy at night, knowing their vehicle is safe.

Tea and Coffee

While it’s good and well to offer tea and coffee at breakfast, it’s always a nice touch to have tea and coffee facilities in the room itself. This way you can help yourself to a cuppa whenever you feel like it, which may be more frequent during the winter months as it can get quite cold in Harare.

Room Service

Why go on holiday if you’re going to be cleaning up after yourself? Room Service is an absolute must. There’s nothing quite like coming back to a crisp, clean room every day or ordering up a meal of your choice to your hotel room. Whenever you book a hotel, guest house or lodge in Harare, make sure that they offer room service, or go with another accommodation venue.

At Willow Lodge, we offer all the above facilities and many more, and we can’t wait to welcome you here at our beautiful guesthouse. We’re a luxury lodge in Harare and know what it takes to create an unforgettable stay.

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