Find a Hotel that Offers the Best Value for your Money

Nothing’s worse than going on a much-needed vacation, only to find that your choice of accommodation offers way less than you bargained for. There are so many chancers and false advertisers out there that a holiday accommodation shopping strategy is a must. No matter your budget, should get value for your money. If you’re looking for a hotel to stay at this summer but have no clue where to begin, this blog is for you. Trust the experienced Willow Lodge team to set you up with some amazing tips to help you find the best hotel to suit your needs.

  1. A Good Comparison Never Hurt Anyone

One of the best things about the Internet is the wealth of choices at your fingertips. Of course, the fact that the platform is so open means you need to be extra thorough, but you still stand a greater chance of finding just the type of hotel you need. Make a shortlist of hotels that have everything you need. Then ask them questions based on your needs, checking this against any reviews you may have come across. If one of your choices is particularly informative or offers a few extra perks, you’ll have found the one.

  1. Location, Location

Go for a hotel that’s close enough to places of interest and activities. This will save you some money on transport costs and give you a unique level of access to daily life wherever you’re visiting. Willow Lodge in Harare is a great example of a once such accommodation location, owing to its proximity to both the bustling city life and the surrounding nature’s tranquility.

  1. Check For Amenities & Align With Your Personal Preferences

Avoid disappointment by making sure everything you need is checked off. Can you easily organize a taxi or driver should you wish to avoid renting a car? Are the rooms for those travelling as a family with small children? Is internet connectivity provided? Write a list of things you absolutely can’t compromise on and check it off before you commit to a hotel.

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