Self-Catering vs All-Inclusive Accommodation – Which Should You Choose?

You’ve needed a holiday for a while now, and after selecting your ideal location, you’re ready to book your accommodation. Apart from the obvious requirements such as affordability and beds per room, your next choice will be to choose whether you should go with a self-catering or all-inclusive option. Listed below are the pros and cons of both, and how our Harare Lodge makes a happy compromise between the two.

Self-Catering Pros:

Self-catering accommodation is better suited for people who want the ‘home-away-from-home’ feeling on holiday. Here, holidaymakers can be more flexible with their finances, catering, entertainment and routines. Self-catering is more affordable, as you aren’t limited to the number of people staying with you. It means that if you’re travelling with a group of friends you can split the petrol, grocery and accommodation costs between more people.

People with young children prefer self-catering accommodation because they can prepare meals themselves. Therefore, dietary restrictions, allergies, fussy eaters and dinnertime tantrums are not an issue. Self-catering also provides more privacy, making your stay more comfortable.

Self-Catering Cons:

If you’re going on holiday to escape cooking, cleaning and doing laundry, then the self-catering option is not for you. No one will be there to pick up the towels from the floor and make your bed while you’re out exploring. The lack of entertainment is also something to consider. Self-catering holidaying means that the fun won’t come to you, so you’ll have to find things and keep your kids entertained yourself.

All-Inclusive Pros:

With an all-inclusive getaway, your meals are prepared, rooms are cleaned, and entertainment is taken care of. Some resorts even include transport from the airport to the hotel in their package. Therefore, it’s easier to plan for an all-inclusive stay without having to factor in the inconvenience of chores or the cost of restocking the cupboards.

All-Inclusive Cons:

Resorts have everything you need, so you could miss out on experiencing the culture of a new place because you’ll never have to leave.

The food quality also might not be what you expect. Providing the resort with information about your dietary restrictions is an inconvenience. Also, eating in a dining room with strangers every day doesn’t offer the kind of privacy you and your family might prefer.

When it comes to planning a holiday, do you want the freedom of self-catering that comes along with designing your adventure or the luxury of all-inclusive service where your needs are taken care of? Willow Lodge’s accommodation in Harare offers the best of both. Our all-inclusive stay will feel like a ‘home away from home’, so you don’t have to choose.