Discover The Full Beauty Of Africa In Zimbabwe

When planning a trip to exotic Africa, you may be wondering how to coordinate the travel and accommodation arrangements, it all might seem complicated. There’s a simple solution – discover the full beauty of Africa by visiting Zimbabwe. Start and end your journey in beautiful lodges in Harare and enjoy cities, the wilderness, wild animals, cultural events, art and exquisite areas for pure relaxation. At Willow Lodge, we can help you plan your trip with superb on-the-ground advice on achieving the most comfortable trip that can be as luxurious or as simple as you want.
Here is what you can discover in our diverse and beautiful country:

The Victoria Falls


A truly beautiful creation by Mother Nature, the “Vic Falls” offers spectacular vistas, thrilling white-water rafting (Grade 5 rapids), soul-rejuvenating horseback safaris, bungee jumping and a long list of extreme adrenalin activities.

The Khami Ruins

If the story of mankind and ancient civilisations resonate with you, then you will be in your element as you stroll through this archaeological site. The ancient Unesco site is bursting with stories of a powerful civilisation that rose just after the middle ages. Artefacts from Europe and China tell of a fascinating, international trade route.

The Mana Pools

This National Park offers the rare option of walks in the wilderness with a guide. If you have proven experience, you can walk without a guide. The topography is an untouched riverine on the Zambezi River. Remote floodplains with the famous baobab trees, water pools and pure serenity.

The Kariba Lake

Float your stress away on a beautiful houseboat on Lake Kariba. The calm waters will lull you from one day to the next while you view game on-shore. Feeling energetic? Try a spot of tigerfish fishing.


You won’t find more elephants anywhere else in the world. These amazing, gentle giants roam free in the wilderness or in protected sanctuaries when in rehabilitation from injuries. Botswana might possibly compete with elephant numbers, but the diversity that Zimbabwe offers for a total holiday experience makes it a winning choice. Meeting an elephant is a life-changing experience.
The list of options goes on and on, which also includes the fact that Zimbabweans are the friendliest, kindest people you could ever wish to meet. Happy, entrepreneurial and with an excellent education system, you will be delighted with excellent service wherever you go.
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