What Is The Difference Between Hotels And Lodges In Harare?

When searching online for different hotels and lodges in Harare, it can become overwhelming and difficult to decide which choice is the best for you or everyone joining you on your journey. There are many locations with different specified perks and offers that you can be supplied with. But why should you choose a lodge over a hotel? Or visa versa. Let’s figure it out together!

Hotel Nourishment

Typically, tourists and travellers decide to stay at fancy hotels in order to be supplied with everything you could ask for. It consists of lots of rooms and many people gather in communal places within these buildings. Hotels provide you with catering, different food options and do not expect you to worry about supplying anything for yourself. You get what you pay for.

When it comes to deciding whether to stay at a hotel, choose which one suits you and your family’s needs the best. Make decisions based on expenses per night, how many people will be staying with you, what type of activities the group or you would enjoy, and what tourist sites are within close vicinity to the hotel’s location in Harare. 

Lodging For Life

The major difference between hotels and lodges is that when you book into lodges, you do so with an understanding that the catering falls in your hands, and you will need to come prepared. However, this brings some freedom to the table. You have the option to get creative with your dishes. Pop into the local market, buy a diverse range of foods and cook with new interesting ingredients that the Zimbabwean people and culture love to utilise. There is a sense of freedom and exploration in deciding when and what you will be cooking throughout your stay.

Another added benefit of staying in lodges is that it provides that sense of home away from home during your stay. The focus is on comfort, service, convenience and tranquility.

Now that we know the difference between hotels and lodges, it will become surprisingly easy to choose between hotels and lodges in Harare, Zimbabwe. The top choice is, without a doubt, Willow Lodge. Contact us at +263 (0) 77 5214 183 for personalised assistance during your stay at our accommodation in Harare.

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