Travel On A Budget While At An Accommodation In Harare

We all daydream about driving out into the sunset, exploring faraway lands to capture splendid landscapes. If that’s not necessarily your forte, maybe you find yourself scrolling through social media feeds, websites and catalogues of dream destinations. Perhaps you’re thinking of finding the best accommodation in Harare for a short stay, but your pocket isn’t agreeing.

Travelling on a budget can seem impossible and even deter you, especially when there’s so much to explore. Well, you’re in luck. In this post, we’re going to look at some genius travel hacks for when you are booked into a stellar accommodation in Harare and find yourself on the broke side of life.

Book Your Accommodation During Off-peak Times

You need to pay attention to seasonal travel guides when booking flights and accommodation in Harare. Remember that “off-peak” times differ in different destinations, so make sure you look into the tourist season of an area. With a little bit of research and planning, you can find good prices on accommodation and activities across Harare such as at Willow Lodge.

Stay At A Local BnB For Your Accommodation In Harare

Bnbs as an accommodation choice in Harare are great for travelling on a budget. Overlooking bed and breakfasts is a big mistake as they are a great wallet-friendly, budget accommodation in Harare. Bed and breakfasts aren’t just reasonable, but they have great in-house amenities, a homely environment and a personalised attention you’ll appreciate. What’s more, they offer common areas to share travel experiences with others and share transportation, if that’s up your alley for dinner and day trips you can request from the reception.

Take Off-The-Beaten-Road Journies

To save money, because being a tourist can be expensive, avoid falling under tourist traps. As much as these attractions are popular for reason, from the people you’ll meet, different and new cuisine, to all the incredible things to see, there are options you can choose that’ll cut down on your costs. Speak to staff at the accommodation you’re at in Harare to find off-the-beaten-path adventures and hidden gems.

Treasure Your Accommodation Over Material Things

One of the best things about traveling is how many experiences you can create. Souvenirs are great, but only when you have the money to spend on them. How about collecting and making memories at our accommodation in Harare instead of blowing your hard earned money on material things.

We believe that our accommodation in Harare is one of the best places to save money while experiencing the best of what our beloved city has to offer. Speak to us about our offerings and ways you can travel on a budget while here. Visit Willow Lodge today!