Take Note Of These Five Extra Costs When Booking Harare Hotels And Lodges

Searching for comfortable holiday accommodation requires quite a bit of research. You have to make sure you’re in the loop about everything, from the different packages on offer to the overall cost. However, some Harare hotels and lodges are slick about how they package the costs on their stays. If you’ve ever been surprised by a hidden cost, you’ll know that it’s not a nice feeling at all. In this blog, we discuss all the common extra costs to be aware of for your next booking.

1) An Additional Fee For Checking In Early

Many hotels and lodges charge guest more money if they intend to check-in earlier than the standard time. What you can do is to make sure you choose a flight that will arrive within the check-in time range.

2) Paying For Any Extra People Who May Be Staying With You Throughout

Booking a room doesn’t mean you can invite all your friends over for a stay. Hotels have strict safety and security policies that affect how many people can sleep in a room, as well as stipulations about paying extra for additional guests.

3) A Charge For Room Service & Housekeeping

You may think that room service is part of the package, but that may not be true. Check if you need to pay extra first before you make that call.

4) That Mini-Bar May Be tempting, But It Doesn’t Come Free

If you’re thirsty or craving a little snack, the mini-bar is a great place to find something. The charge will likely be added to your overall bill, so don’t overdo it.

5) Cancelling Your Stay Too Close To Your Scheduled Stay

Things happen, and we know that, so it’s okay if you need to cancel a booking. However, don’t leave it too late, as this may lead to you having to forfeit part of the payment you’ve already made.

Always read the fine print! Cheap quotes from lodges in Harare can be tempting, but it may be because not everything is included. Ask the right questions first so that you know what you’re signing up for. Don’t get duped into a less-than-satisfactory holiday accommodation experience. Book with Willow Lodge today.