How To Get The Best Sleep When On Holiday

You go on holiday to be entertained, to detach from your daily routine, and to relax. Many people battle with sleeping or destressing at home, and now you will be arriving at new places to stay in Harare while you are on holiday. We are here to help you float blissfully through your holiday with these tips:

Choose A Tranquil Location For Your Accommodation

Where you sleep will have the biggest impact on your ability to have tranquil, deep-sleep nights.  You can fill your days with breathtaking travel treasures and mind-blowing experiences, but at the end of the day, it is vital you retreat to a place that will maximise your sleep and relaxation.

Choose The Best Room

A colour scheme in a room can affect your sleep as well as the layout of a room.  The World Sleep Society recommends calming, warm-neutrals in the colour schemes, sufficient space (i.e. not cramped), and lots of natural light. An added bonus would be a view over a garden or a park i.e. nature. There are decades of research showing the positive effect of views of greenery and nature.

Eating and Exercising

You may want to drink yourself into relaxation, but, ironically, alcohol is counter-intuitive for sleep quality. Your sleep quality will be inferior as your body battles the effects of alcohol, and you will feel lethargic the following day. In addition, don’t eat late or very heavy foods on the days you want to get your good sleep in.

If you want to succeed at sleeping, you need to succeed at exercise. Even light exercise will be of benefit. Park away from the sightseeing attraction and walk a short distance to it. Do stretching exercises in the mornings, or do laps in their pool. 

Screen Time

You know we had to mention it – staying up late looking at bright screens is a killer of quality sleep. 30 minutes, or more, before your planned sleep time, turn off all your screens. Read a hardcopy book, do some stretches or consider some beginner meditation (not guided by a video). 

Planned Sleep

Holidays are for fun so, of course, you will dance some nights away (good exercise). Balance that with a couple of planned early nights and beat off the invitations to party again..

If you are looking for tranquil, restorative places to stay in Harare, you cannot beat our affordable Willow Lodge. You will be surrounded by lush gardens and the maximum opportunity to sleep well after being delighted by breathtaking travel treasures during the day. Return home relaxed, restored and energised.

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