When is the best time to travel to Zimbabwe?

Much like we have the answer to “Which Harare B&B accommodation should I book?” we know the answer to one of the most commonly asked questions by travellers looking to pay a visit to our hometown –“When is the best time to travel to Zimbabwe?”

While the answer to where to stay is simple (Willow Lodge, of course), determining the ‘best’ time to travel to our neck of the woods isn’t quite so straightforward. Much like when deliberating between lodges in Harare or deciding which vehicle to hire for your Harare visit, picking when to explore our beautiful country depends on a variety of factors – things like your personal interests, your budget, what sort of weather you you’d prefer to travel in and just what you’d like to tick off your bucket list while in Zimbabwe.

Let it rain!

A stay at Harare lodges during the rainy season (Dec/Jan/Feb/March) guarantees lush vegetation, filled-to-the-brim bodies of water teeming with birdlife (and happy hippos) and ideal conditions for water sports.

Some like it hot

Pay Willow Lodge a visit later in the year (September/October) and you’ll all but guarantee fantastic game viewing opportunities caused by high concentrations of thirsty wildlife around in-demand watering holes.

Keep it chilled

If you’re less about t-shirt tans and long, hot summer days, and more partial to cooler weather and snuggling up under a blanket on the back of a game viewer then June/July/August will give you the clear, warm days and cooler, fireside nights you’re after. The start of the region’s peak season, these Winter months are to game-spotting enthusiasts what Willow Lodge is to Harare hotels and car hire in Harare – hard to beat.

Get the best of both worlds

If you’re hoping to get the best of both worlds – rain and shine – then consider a stay at Willow Lodge during the month of November. This month is as likely to see the first rainfall of the season as it is to be hot and dry enough for once-in-a-lifetime watering hole photo ops.

Be our guest, whatever the weather

At Willow Lodge, we are fully-equipped and extremely well-appointed, whatever the weather. This is a good thing as – possibly due to global warming – Africa’s weather patterns are not as predictable as they once were. While there are ‘better’ months to pay us a visit, depending on your preferences weather-wise, the beauty of Willow Lodge is that whenever you choose to book your hotels in Harare you can rest assured that, as one of the best guest lodges in Harare, we know how to make your Zimbabwe experience unforgettable for all the right reasons. Plus, as one of the most affordable lodges in Harare, visitors to our lodge need not be conflicted by the tough choice between a mid-Winter getaway and a summertime safari because with Willow Lodge you can afford to experience both.