Reduce Holiday Spending Stress By Choosing The Right Hotels In Harare And More

If you’ve ever uttered the words ‘I need a holiday to recover from my holiday’ then you’ll understand firsthand the stress that comes with planning, booking and scheduling a well-deserved break. Pulling together a holiday can be expensive and leave you wondering if it’s really worth it – but it doesn’t have to be this way. Allow us to help you reduce your holiday spending with a few suggestions:

Book off-season

The single biggest way you can reduce your all-around holiday stress is to book off season. Not only will this mean that you pay significantly less, but it also means that you can plan your vacation in advance and face less competition. Best of all, it also means that you’ll beat the crowds.

Choose Lodges over Hotels

While your first instinct when looking for Harare accommodation might be to find your nearest recognisable Harare hotel chain, you would be better off staying in a lodge. You’ll pay less to stay in a guest lodge and also have a one on one, flexible experience that you won’t get when staying in a hotel.

Do your research

Researching the country you’re planning on visiting will help you to narrow down the list of activities that you want to spend your time and money on. When you take a vacation without an itinerary, you’re much more likely to overspend and not use your money wisely. By forcing yourself to prioritise what you’ll be doing you’ll be able to set and stick to a budget.

Don’t rent a car

Most people include a car rental in their holiday costing, but the truth is that unless you’re very familiar with the area and know exactly where you’re going it’s not going to be the most economical choice. It might be better to make use of a chauffeured service (one that Willow Lodge provides) instead of dealing with the hassle of filling fuel and getting lost in an unfamiliar region.

Following the tips above will help you to ensure that your next holiday to Harare not only is less stressful, but doesn’t leave your bank account looking empty afterwards. In fact, you might find it so affordable that you end up doing it again sooner rather than later.