Planning A Romantic Getaway? Here’s What You Should Pack!

Are you planning a romantic getaway to celebrate an anniversary, or maybe you want to propose to your partner in an intimate setting? There’s something special that happens when you’re with your partner, a spark that builds up whenever you see each other. So, to show you love for your beloved, you might be planning an overnight stay at a Harare guest lodge. Instead of focusing solely on essentials like your toothpaste and phone charger, you’ll need to think about packing some extra special items for your special night!

Food And Drink

Not every guest lodge in Harare provides or includes food and drink in their package, and besides, you are planning a romantic getaway, so instead of spending money at a restaurant, pack a picnic basket. How romantic does an outdoor picnic at sunset in Harare sound? Pack up your bread, chunks of cheese, grapes, strawberries, whip cream and chocolate, along with your favourite berries and a bottle of wine or champagne for dessert. From the moment you check into your Harare guest lodge, fill the ice bucket and allow your drinks to chill!

Toiletries And Clothing

This sounds obvious right, but sometimes, the excitement can get the better of you, causing you to forget you need to freshen up upon arrival. Don’t place yourself at the mercy of just any bar of soap, make sure that you have the basic toiletries packed and ready. Bath salts, bath oils, and bathrobes couldn’t hurt either.

For Romance

Those bath oils, bath salt, a bottle of bubble bath and bathrobes are going to come in handy. You could also bring with you a few candles and matches to set the mood. Speaking of setting the mood, pack your portable speaker with Bluetooth compatibility and spin some of your favourite hits to turn the mood up a notch.

Whether planned or as a surprise, romantic getaways are ideal trips for you and your loved one. Booking or opting for a guest lodge in Harare is an even better option because of the intimacy and privacy that comes with the place. At Willow Lodge Harare, we have the perfect setting for any romantic stay. Browse our website for more details.