What makes Zimbabwe a beautiful place to visit?

Whether you’re looking to drink in a sunset, take in a 360-degree view of the Mashonaland countryside, hone your fishing skills or take hom< />e the incredible craftsmanship of a stone-carved souvenir, a trip to Zimbabwe is simply incomplete without a few days in its heart – Harare.

Not only does Harare offer all the benefits of a bustling city like affordable accommodation (Harare hotels, Harare guest lodges, Harare B&Bs) and convenient car hire but the city boasts a veritable world-class menu of breathtaking hikes, family-friendly water activities, magnificent wildlife, unparalleled game viewing, meticulously crafted local art, diverse shopping, blood-pumping sports and delicious dining.

From inner-city pool to watering hole in 20 minutes

For the traveler looking for the creature comforts of Harare accommodation with the opportunity to experience ‘the bush’, all one needs is car hire to take a scenic 20-minute drive into the Mukuvusi Woodlands where giraffe, elephant and rhino, among other game, await. Go for a leisurely walk or opt for a horseback ride for a unique perspective on the landscape and its inhabitants.

A feast for the senses – and the taste buds

Exploring such a culturally rich city with something Facebook-worthy to do around every corner means that you’re going to find yourself on the lookout for an eating establishment (or several) along the way. Luckily, hotels in Harare have no shortage of wining and dining options – from casually prepared, perfectly seasoned street food to upmarket, award-winning fare and rustic bars that are as fitting for a lazy lunch as for a ‘festive’ night out.

Family-friendly or adventure-seeking? There’s something for everyone.

Willow Lodge Harare B&B is also a stone throw away from Brompton Road, Newlands?

Don’t check-out without paying a visit to Country Club Karts where a need for speed can be satisfied from as little as US$5, depending on your age and how long you’d like to race for.

Looking to take in a hike and some history?

Willow Lodge Harare B&B is within close proximity to

 where an unbeatable 360-degree view of Mashonaland country awaits. Plus, where an unbeatable 360-degree view of Mashonaland country awaits. Plus, you’ll get the added perks of picture-perfect rock formations, crystal clear pools and a cave boasting 6,000-year old rock art. It’s no wonder that the site is a National Monument of Zimbabwe.


Shop ‘til you drop. Then drop-in on an art exhibition.

Opting for a Harare Lodge close to Sam Levy’s Village…

Take in the charm of Harare’s shopping mecca designed to look like an old European village, explore the Avondale flea market and, if the mood strikes, take in a movie at the newly opened SterKinekor cinema –  Willow Lodge is a mere 9 mins drive away.

Do yourself a favour and pop Doon Estate and Chapangu Village on your itinerary. If it’s a one-of-a-kind souvenir you’re after or unusual gifts to take home for loved ones (with the added ‘feel good’ factor of doing your bit to support the local art scene) then the art galleries, hand-made pottery and Belgian chocolates, among other exquisite examples of local craftsmanship are sure to be a highlight of your Harare experience.

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