Make Your Next Harare Family Holiday A Break For Everyone To Enjoy. Here’s How To Keep The Kids Busy And Not Bored!

Family holidays make for great memories, but they also can be incredibly stressful for parents. This stress often starts the second you’ve picked up a vehicle for hire and departed for your accommodation with impatient cries of ‘are we there yet?’

While you no doubt have family fun planned you will also want to spend some quality grown up time with your partner or other adults. Here are a few locations to visit that will help keep your children busy on your next family holiday to Harare.

  • Tamba Tamba Zimbabwe – this is the largest indoor all-weather children’s soft play centre in Harare, making it perfect for rainy weather outings for children 6 and under. There are special play centres for toddlers as well as a soft obstacle course and mini football and basketball area. The best part is that it’s open 7 days a week – even during holidays!
  • Greenwood Park – bring any child aged 7 or under and they’re guaranteed to have a fun time on the park’s mini train, chair lifts, swings and playground.
  • Plazer Strike Laser Tag – if your child is over 6, they are old enough to enjoy this laser tag shooting game that eliminates messy and painful paintballs, allowing them to have fun without the fuss!
  • Zimbabwe Superkarts Westgate – your child only needs to be 12 and over to enjoy this fun activity. They get to ride in a Go-Kart on a track at speed of up to 60 kilometres per hour, all while carefully supervised by staff and wearing all the necessary safety equipment.
  • The Performing Art Workshops – with classes running all through the week, any child aged between 5 and 15 can get acquainted with their musical instrument of choice. They can also take part in activities aimed at Movement, Art, Drama, Poetry, and Creative Writing.

With so many of these locations situated a stone’s throw from your best accommodation in Harare, you won’t have any problem keeping your children occupied and interested throughout your holiday. Remember that if you stay at Willow Lodge you can also take advantage of our babysitting services should you wish to venture out alone or after hours.