Harare: The Top Choice For Your Honeymoon

Searching for the perfect destination for you and your new hubby or wife can be an exhausting process. You may want to sit back, relax and enjoy the company of your partner on your first vacation away as husband and wife. Or you may want a location that offers high-quality service and many activities to choose from. Zimbabwe has it all! In your search for Harare hotels, choose Willow Lodge – a luxury bed and breakfast that will meet all your needs. Read more about why Harare is a top choice for your honeymoon. 

For The Love Of Africa

In the heart of Zimbabwe, Harare has a huge reach that extends into many of the tourist sites. With bush surrounding you, your nights together will be calm, serene and filled with the sounds of Africa. Cuddle into your new spouse and listen to those gorgeous sounds resonate throughout your being. This experience will bring you closer together and create a beautiful shared memory for both of you. The skies are clear and unpolluted by urban lights, therefore the stars shine brightly and clearly through the evening skies. You may even see stars and constellations you never knew existed. This is why our location is prime, offering you those intimate moments as well as allowing you to explore the wilderness during the day.

Prime Location

With a wide range of attractions placed around our venue, plenty of sightseeing opportunities will be at your fingertips. Exploring sights, such as the Haka Game Park, will leave you breathless and holding each other in a romantic embrace. Take the best pictures, create the most wholesome memories, and don’t let your partner go. With the Zimbabwean sun warming up your days, you will make bountiful memories roaming the lands and taking in the natural beauty.

Bonded, Not Bound

Spending these historically important days in your relationship together is a perfect way to start your marriage. If you prefer to stay in and spend some alone time with your partner, our venue offers lunches on demand and will cater to any other needs you may have. With high-quality service and beautiful rooms, we would understand if you preferred to stay inside all day long!

Contact our supportive staff at Willow Lodge – the best of all Harare hotels – to help you choose the room of your dreams in the location of your dreams. Contact Matthew at +263 (0) 77 5214 183 or email willowlodgeharare@gmail.com for personalised assistance.