Getting To Relax, Rejuvenate Your Relationship And Be Romantic!

At times, it is essential for couples to have a date night, have time away from the usual ongoing everyday life, find joy in just being with each other, discover more about each other, and relax in the harmony of what is on offer. It’s time to rekindle the flame of romance, and here at Willow Lodge, we pride ourselves in making your stay oh so romantic and worthwhile.

Finding romantic places in Harare, learning from nature, being surrounded by nature, and enjoying nature is foremost when it comes to slowing the pace. This allows you to make memorable moments together, feel rejuvenated and relaxed. In our fast-paced lifestyles, we take little time to slow down, but this, in fact, is what is needed to keep the romance alive and all relationships balanced.

Take Time To Beathe

A short exercise in communication is allowing your partner time to breathe and chat about what’s on their mind. We so often listen to respond and do not just listen, to listen. Use this practical exercise on an ongoing basis in your relationship and just hear each other out. Not needing to respond or give feedback at that time. Let each other breath.

Take A Step Back

Responding to anything instantly sometimes comes from a place of fear or lack of. Perhaps there are times when stepping back and observing the situation from a different perspective is required before proceeding. A good exercise to remember in any situation.

Perspective Changes Everything

Through these challenging times we are facing in our world today, we are being asked to adjust our perspective on things. Sometimes just allowing yourself the opportunity of seeing things in a different light changes the light of the situation. Give yourself this option. You never know; there may just be a different perspective you had not realized before.

We would love to see you at Willow Lodge as you discover more about yourself and your partner and enjoy all the romance that Harare has on offer. We have your well-being at heart and look forward to hearing from you about your stay with us.

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