Four Benefits Of Booking Guest Lodges In Harare That Offer All You Can Eat Menus

Travelling can be exhausting. If you’re not spending your time exploring unfamiliar terrain, you’re probably learning new things about local culture or participating in fun activities. That’s why it’s important to include meals in your arrangements so that you have enough energy to engage in all this. Depending on the type of accommodation you book, the approach to meals will vary. Here at Willow Lodge, we prefer the all you can eat, buffet-style breakfast presentation. Not all guest lodges in Harare follow the same approach. In this blog, we discuss the benefits of a buffet for our guests.

You Get To Dish Your Most Important Meal The Way You Prefer It

Some people like to have the same food every day, while others would rather switch it up. Everyone has their own preferences on things like portions and flavour matches. A buffet allows you to plate to your taste.

There’s A Wide Range Of Food Options To Choose From

Because there are so many different things to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Depending on what you’re craving, you can tailor your meals according to your appetite at each sitting. This opens up room for multiple courses and even trying local foods where they’re part of the spread.

You Can Keep One Or Two Packaged Items To Snack On While You Explore

Some guesthouses place bottled water, crisps, dried fruit, or yoghurt out as part of the buffet. These snacks can come in handy during a long day of exploring, so grab something to keep you going. Just check what the policy is regarding such snacks so that you’re not breaking any rules.

Presents An Opportunity To Socialise With Fellow Guests If You’d Like To

Perhaps you’re travelling alone or attending a conference where you don’t know anyone. There’s no better opportunity than mealtime to meet some new faces. The open-plan setup of a buffet makes it easy to strike up small talk.

The point of having a buffet is to give you options so that you have the perfect meal for your taste buds and nutritional requirements. There’s something for everybody, which means you won’t feel left out or short-changed. If you’d like to book accommodation that comes with an all you can eat breakfast option contact, Willow Lodge, today. We’re one of the best guesthouses in Harare.