Compelling Reasons To Visit Hotels And Lodges In Harare

Many people underestimate the magnificent beauty of Zimbabwe, especially the capital city, Harare. However, upon arrival travellers are in awe of the natural beauty present here. From red rolling hills to the indigenous flora blooming in the African sunlight, it is safe to say that the land is fertile with all kinds of breathtaking wildlife. With a pandemic underway, activities are indeed limited at a global scale, however, nature is a great way to get outdoors, breathe in some fresh air and still be able to distance with the same amount of caution socially. Let’s take a closer look at why this should be your next holiday destination if you’re seeking beauty in nature.

Game Reserves And Sanctuaries 

Have you always hoped to see a roaming giraffe or an elephant grazing happily by the water’s edge? Well, then you’ve picked the right destination. Harare is home to some of Africa’s most exquisite wildlife including buffalo, lion, cheetah, elephant and so many more. It can be a captivating and once in a lifetime experience to witness these animals in their natural habitat while knowing that they receive the greatest amount of care and have a vast amount of space to roam freely. Staying close by at a lodge or hotel means you can quickly pop over to a game reserve and enjoy all the nature Zimbabwe has to offer.

National Botanic Gardens 

Just 4km north of the city center, you can find the local botanic gardens which hold some of Zimbabwe’s richest and finest tree and plant life yet. It’s an incredible activity for families, couples, or even just individuals visiting for business or pleasure. So why not grab a picnic blanket, a book, some snacks (and maybe some binoculars for bird watching), and take a stroll around the lush greenery before settling down on the grass to kick back, relax and enjoy the fresh air? Nothing like spending a day at a botanic garden and then relaxing after that at a luxury hotel or lodge.

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