5 Traditional Zimbabwean Foods You Have To Try

Fresh ingredients and time-tested recipes are typically what distinguish Zimbabwean cuisine. As a result of using ingredients that are widely available throughout most of Africa, several Zimbabwean recipes are regarded as staples on the continent.

Zimbabweans have always been quite creative in their cuisine preparation. No matter how straightforward a recipe is, they frequently bring out the best tastes of every item. So if you’re a foodie, be sure to add Zimbabwe to your bucket list.

In this blog, we’re recommending our personal top 5 traditional Zimbabwean foods you have to try. The Willow Lodge is known for being a “home away from home” in Zimbabwe, which is why you’ll see us on many lists of lodges in Harare. Since we’re right in the heart of the city, we have your back when it comes to finding the best food at our best-kept foodie hotspots.

  1. Shisa Nyama

You can’t come to Zimbabwe and leave without trying shisa nyama ‒ a variety of meats such as boerewors, beef, pork, chicken and more being cooked alongside one another on a grid over a fire. These meats are typically paired with different salads, as well as a couple of cold ones. You can’t go wrong here.

  1. Mupotahayi

Every Zimbabwean knows how to make mupotahayi, a maize bread or cake, from an early age. Lacto, butter and milk are used in its creation, and it is typically served still warm and has a thick texture. If you’re looking for unique comfort food, you’ll enjoy mupotahayi. We often hear reports from our guests that this is one of their favourite Zimbabwean meals.

  1. Kapenta

Enjoy seafood? You should try kapenta! Kapenta is a small fish around the size of a sardine that’s typically hauled in large shoals from Lake Kariba. It’s most popular to eat kapenta in a dehydrated or dry form that has been fried with onion, paired with peanuts and tomato. Kapenta can also be eaten freshly caught and prepared; however, it’s not as popular especially inland.

  1. Mopane Worms

Okay, we know what you’re thinking. Many tourists avoid trying mopane worms because it’s so unusual. However, if you speak to those that have, you’ll hear why they agree it to be one of Zimbabwe’s national delicacies. Packed with protein, mopane worms make a fulfilling and tasty meal that you can definitely brag about trying.

  1. Sadza

Last but not least is our national dish, sadza. This particular bread is made with maize flour, and balls are formed out of the batter by hand-moulding. It can be prepared either by itself or with popular pistachio butter. Typically, it is served with covo, a type of vegetable, and beef stew. There’s a reason it’s our national dish ‒ you have to try it.

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