Guesthouses In Harare Don’t Have To Be Pure Comfort; They Can Be Pure Luxury too

A home away from home can come with its comforts like warm bedding, tea and coffee and cosy slippers, but can also come with VIP service, luxury dining, spa treatments and drivers. This is evident at Willow Lodge, the premium luxury guesthouse in Harare, a place which perfectly combines comfort with luxury.

Combining Bed And Breakfast Comfort With Hotel Luxury

Just because it’s a bed and breakfast, it doesn’t mean that a luxury stay is not on the cards for those choosing Willow Lodge as their ultimate spot. While the convenience of bed and breakfast is experienced here, with an evident home-away-from-home feel and atmosphere, a luxurious, high-quality stay is actually what you’re getting.

Standard breakfast in bed served at ordinary guesthouses is amplified at Willow Lodge and taken to a whole new fine-dining experience. From breakfast to dinner, guests can dine on the best cuisine in Harare at the lodge’s restaurant. Comfortable self-travel is replaced with deluxe air transfers and luxury chauffeured drives to and from the lodge. DIY spa treatments within a comfortable room are replaced by professional pamper treatments done by the lodge’s beautician.

Ordinary rooms at ordinary guesthouse possessing floral curtains and frilly bed covers are replaced with luxurious suites, garden rooms and deluxe family rooms at Willow Lodge. The standard guest house features small gardens just outside even smaller windows, but this luxury guesthouse is set among tranquil beauty offering perfect views of nature and the Zimbabwean sunset.

More Ways To Enjoy Luxury

Willow Lodge is the best luxury guesthouse in Harare offering guests, business visitors and travellers more than one way to indulge in luxury. This guesthouse provides VIP services including daily housekeeping, impeccable room service, WiFi connectivity and babysitting, so guests will always feel like first-class VIPs. Apart from guests, VIP services are also offered to businesspersons who appreciate a professional environment with a personal touch.

Book Your Luxury Stay At This Comfortable Guesthouse

When you’re staying at Willow Lodge and experiencing high-quality luxury and personalised service, you feel as if you’re staying in one of the cosiest boutique hotels in the area. It’s a unique blend of luxury and affordability.

For the optimal in lodging luxury, stay at Willow Lodge, the best Harare luxury lodges of 2019. For more information or to make a booking, check out