Your Shopping Guide

Fashion, Food & Fine Art

From Shona sculpture to ‘crafts and coffee’, from the usual shopping centers to unusual shopping destinations like Arundel Village, Harare offers visitors as wide a range of shopping opportunities as it does accommodation opportunities (guest lodges in Harare, Harare B&B accommodation). As Harare hotels accommodation at its finest, Willow Lodge is ideally located to take advantage of all that Zimbabwe’s fast-growing, buzzing retail industry offers its visitors.

Groceries & Food

Need to stock up for a sight-seeing drive or simply grab a snack between meals at your Harare guest lodge, B&B or hotel accommodation? Harare has several well-stocked and well-appointed grocery stores including well-known brands/franchises such as Spar, TM and Town & City. While most of the produce needs to be imported from South Africa (a result of Zimbabwe’s economic situation), there is plenty of delicious, fresh produce to be bought at reasonable prices.

Arundel Village  

Harare B&B accommodationIf the idea of shopping for a memento of your visit to Zimbabwe in a mall leaves you feeling less than inspired, then the vintage vibes, impeccably crafted curios, tranquil tea gardens and casual cafés of Harare’s ‘un-malls’ like Arundel Village may be more your speed. Plus, your tastebuds are in for a treat with Alo Alo and Giovanni’s Italian fare and must-have milkshakes.

A 10-minute drive from the CBD, Arundel Village is a must-visit whether you’re staying at Willow Lodge or any of the other guest hotels in Harare or Harare B&B accommodation. What sets Willow Lodge apart from other affordable lodges in Harare is that – not only do we offer car hire (our own vehicle for hire) – but we offer the option of booking a driver to be on-call for the day.

Local design & international trends

If you’re less ‘cheap n cheerful’ curio and more high-end haute couture then don’t check-out of your Harare accommodation (Harare guest lodge, Harare B&B accommodation or Harare hotel)  before paying a visit to one (or several) of Harare’s world-class boutiques, located within Arundel Village.

Old school chic meets modern elegance at Eternity Apparel where monochrome décor provides a sophisticated backdrop for international designers as well as exquisite local labels, Moi Amara and Rungano Rwedu, among others.

Harare B&B accommodation

Feeling thrifty? Make sure that you pop Su’s Boutique on your retail therapy itinerary if you’re an avid collector of vintage pieces and a bargain hunter at heart.

An impeccably curated consignment shop showcasing second-hand items with a story to tell, Su’s Boutique is like stepping into a global closet courtesy of its owner’s extensive travels and keen eye.

In fact, the Harare shopping experience can be likened to the Willow Lodge experience. When you stay at our Harare B&B accommodation you get the best of both worlds – local expertise, authenticity and craftsmanship combined with world-class quality, service and facilities.