Why Stay At A Bed And Breakfast In Harare?

There are plenty of reasons for looking for accommodation in Harare. Whether you want to get away for a little peace and quiet, a business trip or a short vacation, choosing to stay at a bed and breakfast might be the best option for your needs. But why?

Why Choose A Bed & Breakfast In Harare?

Bed and Breakfast can prove to be one of the most memorable experiences and stays you’ll ever have in Harare. There is just something more personal, unique and special about staying at a B and B. Innkeepers tend to turn into families who take pride in sharing their accommodation, turned into lodges, with people who enjoy distinctive history and a tailored experience. In most cases, bed and breakfasts tend to be much smaller than hotels, which means that guests enjoy a more refined and delightful stay filled with authentic travel needs.

What Is A Bed And Breakfast?

B & B’s are usually a packaged accommodation visit that offers overnight stays with breakfast with more personalised services. In Harare, bed and breakfasts are also much smaller accommodations, sometimes owned and occupied by individuals who live on-premises, but this isn’t always the case. They can be found in just about any location, including cities like Harare, small towns, rural areas and farms. Additionally, depending on the bed and breakfast you choose, they all vary in breakfast styles, room configurations, and amenities. However, all aim to provide guests with homey-styled hospitality.

How Is A Bed And Breakfast Any Different From A Hotel?

Bed and Breakfasts in Harare are nothing like hotels. Most times, hotels have a cookie-cutter styled room in commercial buildings, while bed and breakfasts differ in architecture, guest room décor and offer a variety of amenities. They also range from rustic architectural styles to more luxury settings – all to meet just about every taste.

Other differences between bed and breakfasts include phone call coverage, innkeepers who are easier to reach, whether via phone or emails, making reservations easier and faster. What’s more, they can also inform you about policies, cancellation fees, smoking policies and check-in and outs. If there are any special needs or requirements, bed and breakfast in Harare can discuss those with you to make your stay a home-away-from-home.

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