Why Bed And Breakfasts In Harare Are Better Than Hotels

The first thing that you’ll need to secure when booking a holiday is where you’ll stay. It’s something that can make or break your vacation, depending on how pleasant or unpleasant your stay ends up being. Staying at a hotel is a common choice but can be quite impersonal. Hotels accommodate more people than B&Bs, so when you book into a hotel, you’re just another filled room. Bed and breakfast accommodation is more personal as it offers a tailored service and uniquely decorated rooms. If you’re weighing up each option and can’t quite make up your mind on which to choose, here are the advantages of staying in bed and breakfast as opposed to a hotel.

They’re Less Crowded And More Tranquil

Because hotels can accommodate more people, they can become quite crowded. Hotel lobbies and dining rooms are usually bustling with people, and parking lots are a nightmare to navigate. It goes for elevators as well – so if your hotel room is right by the elevators, prepare to be disturbed by the noise from other guests at all hours of the day and night. B&Bs are the more restful option because there are usually only 3-10 rooms available.

They Have A Personal Touch

B&Bs are usually owned and run by ordinary people who take pride in their service. The enjoyment of their guests is vital, and as hosts, they go out of their way to accommodate every need. There’s always a story behind a piece of furniture or a favourite recipe. Also, each vase, painting or rug is hand-picked for each room. Each B&B you come across is different, with varying themes and designs. Hotels are impersonal, with every room decorated similarly, and here the only hosts you’ll interact with regularly are cleaning staff.

It’s More Than A Room

A bed and breakfast is not just somewhere to sleep with breakfast included in the morning. Each breakfast is personally prepared for you, which comes without additional charges. Most B&Bs have a dining room, an outdoor entertainment area or a patio. Depending on the day, you could choose to take your breakfast looking out to the pool, in the dining room, or with a view from the patio. In most hotels, you only get a buffet-style breakfast of mass-produced eggs, cold toast and a couple of different types of cereal.

If you need somewhere to stay while on a business trip, hotels in harare might be better suited for you, however, if you want a quiet weekend or week away with no noise, disturbances and a beautiful setting, a bed and breakfast is what you need. They’re peaceful and relaxing with attentive hosts and services. If what you need is a bed and breakfast retreat in Harare, Willow Lodge is the best accommodation you’ll find. Book a stay with us today.