Want to arrive at your Harare accommodation feeling great? Then follow these long-distance flight tips

If you ask people what the most stressful part of their holiday experience is, many will mention the flight. This is especially true if you’re flying from another continent to a country like Zimbabwe, during which you can expect to spend hours in the air. There’s nothing worse than having to spend the first day at your Harare accommodation trying to recover from an unpleasant flight experience instead of relaxing and looking forward to your break. To make the most of your vacation time, here’s how you can arrive feeling great after a long flight:

Tip 1 – Stay hydrated

When you’re up in the air on a commercial flight, your body is forced to adjust to a pressurised cabin environment. This dehydrates you faster and causes you to lose fluids faster than you normally would, leading to tiredness, headaches, and dizziness. Drink plenty of water and avoid diuretics like alcohol, coffee, and energy drinks, as well as salty foods There will be plenty of time to unwind with a bottle of wine and some salty snacks when you arrive at your destination.

Tip 2 – Move around

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Many people avoid drinking anything on a plane, as they don’t want to disturb others by standing up for a bathroom break. Standing up frequently and moving around (or even just doing some stretches and movements in your seat) is good for you, and can help to prevent blood clots. Remember that when you lie down your ventilation is also poorer, so take a break from napping and take a couple of minutes to move around. Of course, if you have any health concerns, it’s always advised that you get clearance from your doctor prior to flying.

Tip 3 – Get comfortable

Comfort is key on long-distance flights. This includes wearing comfortable clothes and making sure you have brought some wearable items that can make the time pass quicker. These include:

  • Eye masks (for soothing swelling and blocking out light)
  • Travel pillows (so you can comfortably sleep upright)
  • Headphones (for music or audiobooks, or to cancel out all noise around you)

If your flight is that long, you might want to take the opportunity to readjust your clock, watch movies and read until you’re in the correct time zone. This will reduce the intensity of your jetlag when you arrive and leave you ready to enjoy your holiday!