The Best Time of Year to Visit Harare, Zimbabwe

Harare, Zimbabwe is a popular destination for family vacations, business trips and international travel. With some of the highest-ranking hotels and lodges in service and amenities, out-of-this-world amusement parks and ethereal landscapes and wildlife, it is easy to see why Harare is such an esteemed holiday destination. If you are considering visiting this beautiful country but do not know exactly when would be the best time, we have put together some information to advise you on when the best time of year is to visit Harare.

Weather In Harare

The best time to travel to Harare based on the ‘ideal’ holiday weather (warm weather, no snow on the ground and unlikely chance of precipitation) would be between March and May or alternatively between August and November. The weather during this time is pleasant, warm and conducive to accommodating the perfect holiday.

Tourism and Safety in Harare Is Better At Different Times Of Year

Harare is home to many tourist attractions such as Victoria Falls and multiple game reserves booming with wildlife and vegetation. The best time of year to visit Harare based on being able to make the most of its natural beauty and tourist attractions is between April and October every year. The vegetation is lower during this time of year which means the animals all cluster around the watering holes and rivers, making it easier to spot the many species of wildlife Zimbabwe has to offer. This is considered ‘high-time’ for tourism in Zimbabwe, so prices for hotels and accommodation may arise during this period with June being the busiest month of the year. You can avoid inflated rates by booking well in advance and with the extra time to plan your holiday you can make sure you don’t miss out on anything Harare has to offer.

Just like everywhere else in the world, Harare has some rules and procedures to ensure your maximum safety. During the busiest times for tourism during the year, it is understandable that petty thefts such as pick-pocketing and muggings rise. That being said, as long as you are vigilant and don’t wander off into secluded areas late at night, Harare is a safe and beautiful country to spend your next holiday.

It’s Always The Perfect Time To Visit Willow Lodge

Now that you know the perfect time to visit the area, it’s time to book your stay with us at Willow Lodge. While we think any time is the best time to visit our lodge, pick your best season or month and contact us to make that holiday booking.