Practical information (Harare)

Your safety, your health, your stay

Nicknamed ‘the sunshine city’, Harare is a bright, energetic, African city with as much to offer at sunrise as at sunset, as much to do during daylight hours as after dark. As with all travel to unfamiliar places, it’s best to do your homework before you arrive – from where to stay to where not to stay, from what to do to what not to do, Willow Lodge has put together some practical tips to make your visit to Harare unforgettable for all the right reasons.

Safety first

Wherever you are in the world, city living (and city visiting) requires street smarts. When it comes to Harare, some areas are less safe than others and where there are unsuspecting tourists there are opportunistic pick-pockets. At Willow Lodge we know our beloved city inside out, which is why we are able to give you all sorts of useful advice, for example:

  • When exploring, don’t leave valuables in plain sight. Keep mobile phones, cameras, wallets, handbags and backpacks on you.
  • When in unfamiliar territory, don’t walk around at night. It’s easy to get lost and become a target.

At Willow Lodge our guests have access not only to quality, ‘home away from home’ Harare accommodation but to affordable car hire and the added benefit of being able to have a vehicle for hire in Harare driven by a Willow Lodge driver. This negates any anxiety Willow Lodge guests may have around driving themselves after dark and perhaps putting themselves, unintentionally, in a risky situation by getting lost.

Avoid the politics

Staying in any of the hotels in Harare, Harare B&B accommodation or any hotel in Harare will undoubtedly provide visitors with infinite photo ops, as will visits to the city and its surrounding areas. Snap away, just avoid taking photographs that could be misinterpreted as a political commentary or statement. Police, army personnel, government buildings etc. may seem like interesting subject matter worth capturing on camera but #notagoodidea

What should you do if you see a cavalcade of police cars and motorbikes approach, pull off the road and wait for the vehicles to pass. It’s probably the President traveling in convoy.

Willow Lodge &Harare Accommodation

From guest lodges in Harare and Harare B&B accommodation to a hotel in Harare and a room with a view… Harare has a wide range of accommodation to suit a wide range of travelers, budgets and preferences. While we may be biased, we firmly believe (and our track record proves) that Willow Lodge’s quality accommodation, breakfast with personalised service, great meals, daily housekeeping, room service, car hire in Harare, access to airport transfers and location in a quiet neighbourhood make ours one of the best guest lodges in Harare. Plus, our guests enjoy free Wi-Fi.

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Healthcare in Harare


As with all new places, it’s best to opt for bottled water instead of tap water – just to be safe. What may be fine for locals may not agree with a foreign tummy.


Harare is not a ‘malaria area’ but other areas of the country are so it’s best to be safe rather than sorry. Chat to your pharmacist before you travel and make sure to pack plenty of insect repellant.


What Harare city central lacks in the Big 5 (you’re not going to see a lion strolling past your road-side dinner table) it makes up for in small six-legged and eight-legged critters. Nine out of 10 times, if you stay away from them, they’ll stay away from you. Should you be painfully bitten by something let the manager of your guest lodge, B&B accommodation or hotel know and arrange a visit to your nearest pharmacy.

Medical Emergencies

At Willow Lodge, our staff are equipped to deal with emergencies – yet another reason why Willow Lodge is one of your best options for Harare hotels accommodation.

Emergency numbers worth jotting down:

  • Central Police Station (+263 4) 777 777
  • Private MARS Ambulance (+263 4) 771 221