Planning For Your Next Bed and Breakfast Trip

Parts of the world are now easing travel and stay restrictions after a year, or more, of the COVID-19 pandemic. With that, more and more travellers are planning their next vacations. Given the fact that the pandemic has hit most of our pockets hard, choosing the ideal holiday is essential. Whether you’re forced to stick to a tight budget or can blow your annual savings, bed and breakfast in Harare could be just what you’re searching for.

We’ve put together a list of tips to help you plan for your next bed and breakfast trip:

There’s A “Right Time” For Everything!

Booking for your next bed and breakfast trip in Harare needs to be planned carefully. Location is essential when booking your stay dates. If it’s a popular holiday destination, you may need to make a reservation before the standard 45 days of your stay dates. Remember that most of us have been cooped up indoors, and many are now rushing to get out. Rooms will fill up rapidly and probably cost a bit more, with the exceptions of bed and breakfasts offering discounts, during peak seasons. Consider booking early and planning activities around bed and breakfast in Harare as a precaution too.

Everything Costs Money

Regardless of the cost, if you’re going to opt for a cheap hotel, for example, you could need to spend on more than just your room and the Wi-Fi.

A B&B experience in Harare, on the other hand, offers more, from amenities like pools, conferencing, beauticians, air conditioning, daily housekeeping, and more. Depending on the location, the B&B could recommend some of the best local fine dining and exploration destinations for you and your family.

Consider Cancellation Policies

Cancellation policies differ from place to place; there are no standard rules on what is entailed in each because every bed and breakfast in Harare is unique. Given the state of all our finances, make sure to take a closer look at costs regarding bookings and cancellations before providing your credit card details. From travel insurance, medical issues and even the weather and read the fine print before signing anything!

At Willow Lodge Harare, we’re excited to welcome guests to our fine establishment. Our bed and breakfast in Harare offer some of the most luxurious rooms, a comfortable stay and amenities in and around our lodge to give you a taste of our country and our beautiful city. Learn more by browsing our website.