Catering & Meals


Being Harare B&B accommodation, breakfast is included within our rates.


  • Lunches (on request):

–       $ 10.00 Light Lunches (per meal)

–        $20.00 Cooked Lunches (per meal)


Three-course dinner – US$25 per person
Two-course dinner – US$20 per person
Main-only Dinner – US$15 per person
Starter & Dessert Only – US$5 per person.

Meals 1 - Other
bea 1 - Other


Need an emergency mani or a pampering pedi? How about a relaxing massage or rejuvenating facial? Willow Lodge offers guests the indulgent services of a Beautician, reachable throughout the day and an ideal ending to a busy day of exploring the bustling city of Harare and savouring its sights. It’s these finishing touches and examples of personalised service that make Willow Lodge one of the best guest lodges in Harare.