New Business Opportunities in Harare

Although Zimbabwe has seen the worst in economic days, never has there been more hope in investing in the country than right now. This is because of the promising future ahead and all the potential that the country has to offer.

Below are some recommendations to all those who want to invest in the change on Harare’s grounds:

  • Manufacturing and Industries

The dollar introduced a higher margin to products manufactured in Zimbabwe. With plans of expansion by various local Zimbabwean companies internally and externally depending on the sector, these higher margins will increase the development of local manufacturing, and offers the best potential for transportation and labour costs in the growth of the economy.

  • Healthcare Sector

Zimbabwe has one of Africa’s most highly literate and educated populations and the quality of management has not dropped. This puts the country in an advantageous position. With the need for better goods and services, the growing middle-class’ needs can be met by a pool of the country’s individuals. Take the healthcare sector in Zimbabwe for example. This sector presents a great opportunity for investors to improve both offerings.

  • Mining

Being the second largest reserve in the world of platinum and large diamonds, and with the prospects of gold and coal mining, Zimbabwe is offering investors a chance to capitalize on these possibilities. Investing in the jewellery industry also offers a large potential of value-add in downstream manufacturing.

  • Agro-processing

It is understandable why some investors are still on the fence when it comes to the farming sector particularly because of the land tenure laws in Zimbabwe. However, this does not mean that the agro-processing sector should be avoided. One indication of this is the local packaging and branding of agri-products and their potential in relation to import prices. Although a lot of work still needs to be done in this sector, sharing knowledge and cost can improve the prospects of the sector.

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