Lodges And Hotels In Harare – Separating The Ideal From The Just OK

Planning a vacation can be challenging, and when your planned destination is abroad, finding the right accommodation isn’t easy. The right or wrong lodges or hotels in Harare can make or break your vacation. Some websites list lodges in Harare that are available for rental and such lists are a blessing as they can help narrow your options for accommodation based on your specifications. On the other hand, it can also make things more complicated – such as when you’re faced with two equally affordable options. How do you choose the one best suited for you? Here are some questions you should ask once you’re at this stage and need to choose between two or three options.

What’s The Purpose Of Your Trip?

Is it a family vacation or a retreat with your spouse or partner? Perhaps you and your friends are preparing for a big group getaway. No matter the purpose of your trip, how long and how comprehensive it will be are two factors worth considering. Families or couples will want privacy, but shared spaces must have room to allow individuals to relax comfortably. Larger groups might prefer backpacking, or opt for deals that are less inclusive when booking at guest lodges.

Which Sights Will You See?

Harare has countless landmarks, hiking trails and other sights for those looking to experience this destination in full. You probably have some idea of which ones you’ll be visiting. With this in mind, make sure your lodge is within reasonable distance of your preferred sight-seeing spots to avoid costly and unnecessary travel time.

Do You Require Transportation?

Transport can be a costly (if necessary) expense. If you drove to Harare, your car might be your best means of intracity transportation. With that said, driving limits your ability to see and enjoy local nightlife (if you enjoy drinking). Find a guest lodge that offers a car service that works flexible hours and is affordable, or else explore public transport. Compare transport prices to help narrow down your options for suitable accommodation.

Whether you’re looking for privacy or getting to know other people and whether you plan to spend your time exploring or relaxing, Willow Lodge has something for you. You’ll find that we offer what most lodges and hotels in Harare don’t.