Hotels In Harare Not Keeping Their Promises? Here Are Five Tips On How To Address It

There’s nothing more disappointing than spending your hard-earned money on booking a hotel stay, only to find that it’s of a lower standard than you expected. Most people expect holiday accommodation to be clean, safe and convenient – and rightly so. However, this isn’t always reality. Whether it’s a pest problem or lacklustre room service, you’re well within your rights to address a missed promise with hotels in Harare, should it happen. We chat about various steps you can take to get your voice heard and the problem resolved.

#1: Do Some Research On The Complaints Policy Before Checking In

The first thing you should do every time you book a hotel stay is to conduct some research on their processes first. Check that there’s a complaints policy so that you know who to contact in the event of an incident.

#2: Send An Email To The Hotel’s Contact Centre

Most hotels have an email address where you can send and queries or questions that you may have. Get hold of the address so that you can explain your situation formally. You should receive a quick response soon with a solution.

#3: Call Or Go To The Front Desk To Let Them Know

If you’re still at the hotel, go to the reception desk and tell them what the problem is. They should be able to advise on a way forward immediately so that the rest of your stay will be more comfortable.

#4: Escalate The Issue To The Manager If The Floor Staff Doesn’t Resolve It

If the person operating the reception desk doesn’t offer a viable solution, you can ask to speak to the manager. A more senior person is likely more experienced in customer service and problem-solving.

#5: Leave A Review Detailing Your Experience Online

If all else fails and the hotel isn’t responsive, leave an Internet review for prospective customers to see. Not only will this protect others from your experience, but the hotel might also see it and contact you to redress the problem.

The truth is that not every hotel is who or what they say they are. Marketing material and advertisements can create expectations, but that doesn’t always translate into action. Use these tips to take up any issue you encounter with Harare hotels, as this can help them improve to serve you better next time.


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