Hotels In Harare: Majestic Gardens, Museums And Mountains of Fun

With holidays cancelled and international travel being frowned on its time to learn about the local beauties on your doorstep. With endless options to choose from, Harare is a top choice. The variety of hotels in Harare to choose from are also wide, from the hip and noisy to the tranquil, secluded retreats.

What To Do In Harare

This bustling capital has delightful surprises for the visitor who stops to take a breath. The experiences you will have are solid memory makers. There is wondrous wildlife, extensive African plains surrounding the city and jaw-dropping, Hollywood type scenery.

This is home to giraffes, lions, wildebeests and a jewellery box of birdlife. In addition to these wild and emotional experiences, there are also profoundly impressive museums to deliver cultural experience. Lastly, there are majestic gardens to deliver a visual and olfactory treat too. Explorers can adventure around for days in this dynamic and charming location.

Here is our list of just a few favourites:

Wildlife Sanctuary

A wildlife sanctuary for local animals is situated near the International Airport. The Wild Is Life Grand Zimbabwe is a sanctuary that gives you a wonderful experience by letting you get up close and personal with nature. You can appreciate these saved beauties within a recreation of their natural habitats, safe and flourishing.

The passionate, dedicated rescuers feed and clean the many different species while onlookers watch enraptured. There will be delightful sightings of animals such as baby elephants, giraffes looking down from the heavens, majestic roaring lions and lightning-fast cheetahs. A visit to Wild Is life will be an unforgettable afternoon.

Game Reserve

Just 30 kilometres outside of Harare is a vast, seemingly never-ending 3,300 hectares of pristine countryside and mountain terrain. Welcome to Thetford Game Reserve. It is so amazing that you can be so close to a city centre yet feel like you have stepped into the deepest wilderness. This paradise has the jewellery box of bird species, in fact, more of a jewellery vault with 150 species.

It also offers an abundance of wildlife, appropriately as this was founded on the principle of giving animals a safe space to procreate. You will be delighted by buffalo, giraffe, impalas, zebras and rhinos. If you call ahead of time, you can request a guided safari here after which you can put your feet up for a minute and grab a quick bite on-site.

Floral Feast

The National Botanical Gardens is established in the suburb of Alexandra Park, 6.5km north of city centre and 8.5km west of the gorgeous suburb Colne Valley. The botanic gardens will treat you to a vast visual wonderland of indigenous trees and plants, rambling over 7 square kilometres. You will see species from the woodlands areas as well as distinguished exotics trees and plants.

The exotics are from locations such as South America, India and the Far East. Bring a pre-packed exotic picnic from your hotel in Harare and enjoy it on the expansive, inviting lawn. You can then walk off brunch under the cooling shade of tree canopies as the day heats up.

A Nod To Heritage

To up your cultural stakes, a visit to the National Heroes Acre is called for. This 57-acre site is home to The Tomb of The Unknown Soldier, the Eternal Flame, two dramatic murals and a museum. The museum includes a dedication to the rise of African Nationalism, and there are shrines to the many famous liberation war heroes.

Once a year, it is the central venue for Independence celebrations including a state fanfare and various celebrity personalities.

Big Teeth And Dangerous Slithering

No matter what country you are from the large, toothy game and impressive snakes are a drawcard. Add other wildlife, and you have a winner. The famous Lion & Cheetah Park is a trendy choice with children and adults alike. You will find the king of the jungle, zebra, impala, wildebeest and, yes, those mystical creatures, snakes.

There is a separate lion enclosure which does permit drive-throughs but, unlike a McDonalds, you are not encouraged to wind down your window.

Speed Machines

If you are young at heart and love the thrill of speed, then the Country Club Karts venue is the one for you. It is based in Newlands, 5kms from Colne Valley. It has been set up in a very professional manner, and you will not be disappointed with the safety protocols and precautions taken.

You don’t have to be a pro either. You just have to ‘have the need for speed’. There are different options for different ages of children, from adult children down to those younger than eight years old.

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