Four Compelling Reasons To Book A Bed And Breakfast In Harare

Whether you’re visiting for a weekend or taking that much-needed vacation you’ve been dying to take for years, securing a room in a high-quality bed and breakfast is vital especially amidst a stressful pandemic. If you’ve chosen Zimbabwe as your holiday destination, then you are about to experience one of the most rewarding destinations in Africa.

Upon arrival in the great capital city, Harare, holiday goers are in awe of the natural beauty, rich culture, and diverse list of activities available at their fingertips. However, it’s safe to say that most people don’t have a clue about all that this gorgeous city has to offer.

So, with the perfect accommodation signed and sealed, what could stop you from enjoying this spectacular destination? Let’s take a closer look at what Harare has to offer its visitors.

Incredible Hiking Trails 

Among the rolling hills and vast landscapes, tucked away and trailing through are some extraordinary paths for travellers to walk along and enjoy the lush flora and fauna that surrounds them. Trails also vary from easy to challenging, so there is something suited for everyone. Domboshawa is known for its exquisite views of Harare’s landscape, so why not grab a drink and enjoy a sundowner with a view?

Water Activities  

Unfortunately, there are no accessible beaches in Harare; however, this shouldn’t be a problem for those who enjoy water activities. If you are one of these folks, then do not fret for there are a multitude of gorgeous dams that are perfect for fishing, boating or even just relaxing next to with a picnic and having a swim.  

Game Reserves And Wildlife 

One of Harare’s most compelling attractions certainly is its wide variety of incredible nature and wildlife. Why not take a trip to Mukuvisi Woodlands where you can go horseback riding while taking in the natural world’s pure glory?

Arts And Crafts  

Zimbabwe is rich with authentic art made by the locals daily. The gorgeous sculptures are the most popular features which tell stories of the rich African history. You can also find other handmade bits and bobs, which are perfect as a unique holiday souvenir or a gift for your loved ones back home.

Finding the perfect bed and breakfast is vital when embarking on a visit to any destination. At Willow Lodge, we promise to bring you an all-rounded experience at fantastic value for money whilst allowing you to enjoy all the incredible gifts that Harare has to offer. Contact us today and secure your booking.