Choosing Accommodation For Business In Harare

Being a business traveller or an employee who is often required to visit different countries for business-related engagements means finding the appropriate accommodation, such as in Harare. Often, the smallest details and facilities that make the biggest difference are overlooked when booking accommodation in Harare. From the price of the accommodation and other factors such as reviews from other travellers, the location and services are key to a pleasant stay.

For this reason, we’ve put this post together to help you as you place your business trip and find the ideal Harare accommodation.

Tip #1: Location And Proximity

It is crucial that you are aware of the location and proximity of the accommodation you choose in Harare. Knowing and having some sort of understanding of landmarks and places to meet can make your business trip a whole lot easier. Sure, there are local transportation services that can take from point A to Z. However, it is also nice to be able to take your own stroll after a long day of business. Whether it is visiting a local tourist attraction or sitting in the park for some quiet time, knowing the location and proximity of the accommodation in Harare is beneficial.

Tip #2: Find Out About In-room Services

When you retreat to Harare’s ideal accommodation, getting back to your room to some comfort and quality time also means having in-room services. Sometimes, you may need to do some work or call loved ones back home over Skype, so chances are that having access to fast and reliable Wi-Fi connections to make work calls or answer emails and prepare for the best day’s events is imperative.

When you need to meet deadlines or when you need to make a conference call, poor connection can be frustrating, so make sure that you inquire about in-room Wi-Fi or free Wi-Fi conference rooms to avoid disappointments.

Tip #3: Ask About Accommodation Facilities

Sometimes, you may need to organise accommodation for a group of guests and delegates. Finding accommodation with extra amenities and facilities to meet your business needs. There are accommodations in Harare that already have conference facilities equipped with everything from audio-visual and Internet connections, whiteboards, power points, catering and more to help you conduct your business.

At Willow Lodge, we are a luxury accommodation destination in Harare. Not only do we have spacious rooms, conference centres and state-of-the-art equipment for business needs, but we also offer transportation services to help you conduct your business in and around the city. Book your next business accommodation with us!