Accommodation In Harare Will Make Your Stay Unforgettable

Harare is the bustling capital city of Zimbabwe, home to most of its trade, business and culture. In Harare, accommodation is abundant in many forms, including hotels, bed and breakfasts and private lodging. This makes tourism in Harare a good stream of income for the city and tours and activities abundant for incoming guests.

History Of Harare

Harare, formerly known as Salisbury, is the capital of Zimbabwe and is home to the most people in the country. The city is situated in the country’s North-Eastern region and was founded in 1890 by the Pioneer Column, a small military force of the British South Africa Company. The city was renamed Harare from Salisbury in 1982 on the second anniversary of Zimbabwean independence from the United Kingdom.

Harare is a significant centre for government, commerce, real estate, finance, manufacturing, education, healthcare, art, culture, tourism, mining and agriculture. Our currency system also makes it easy to travel and find affordable activities for solo travellers or the whole family.

Things To Do And See In Harare

The amazing city of Harare has a large number of things to do and see, which could make your stay enjoyable and unforgettable. The city is surrounded by abundant African plains bursting with all sorts of beautiful wildlife. There are multiple wildlife sanctuaries you can visit to get up close to large animals and learn new things about them too. There are also museums housing the history and culture of the Zimbabwean people. They contain many interesting artefacts and artworks which are definitely worth seeing. There are also historical buildings and sites which can be fun and educational for the whole family.

The Great Zimbabwean Ruins are only a day trip from Harare and is a fascinating site to visit with their ancient walls and historical significance.

Lastly, Harare has a distinct food culture and visiting restaurants and taking cooking classes will allow you to immerse yourself completely in the tastes and smells of Harare.

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