Why Zimbabwe’s weather makes Harare hotels a top vacation destination

Did you know that picking out a holiday destination with good weather is a major factor in your potential holiday enjoyment? Keep reading to find out why booking a vacation and accommodation in Harare hotels is your best option for a sunny break that you’ll never forget.

Environmental economist researchers from Stanford University recently undertook a study that investigated the effects of weather conditions on our social media posts, something that people tend to use a lot while on holiday to share memories and photos. After examining in excess of three billion posts on both Twitter and Facebook, they found that people used more positive phrases when the weather was pleasant, and more negative ones when the weather wasn’t. It was found that pleasant weather was defined by even and predictable temperatures without sudden rain or storms, and plenty of sunshine.

Visitors to Africa and Zimbabwe could not have picked a better place if they had sunshine in mind, with the country’s summers bringing moderate temperatures, with occasional afternoon thundershowers in wet seasons, and cool and dry winters free from snow. So, whether you’re staying in one of the many hotels in Harare, or any other places to stay that Harare has to offer, you can look forward to enjoying the great weather.

Not only will the weather make your holidays more enjoyable, but it also has many other advantages. Predictable weather means you can book your flights and Harare accommodation months in advance with considerable savings. Fewer layers of clothing mean you can pack less to take with you, and that you’ll have additional space for bringing back gifts and curious when you return. In most months of the year, you’ll have several hours of sunshine where you can work on your tan while lounging by the pool, and if tanning doesn’t appeal to you, there are also dozens of boat tours and water sports that you can enjoy, like white-water rafting, crocodile cage diving, canoeing, and more.

Willow Lodge is a great place to stay if you’re planning a trip to Zimbabwe at any time of the year, so if you want a holiday that will boost your mood in exotic surroundings, you couldn’t pick a better option!