Which Extra Perks Should You Look Out For In Your Holiday Accommodation?

When you book your accommodation at a holiday resort, you’ll have a particular set in non-negotiables in mind. A clean bedroom and bathroom, at least two quality meals per day, and a good WiFi connection are imperative. It’s what makes a holiday good, but is there anything your accommodation is offering that could make your stay more relaxing, luxurious or convenient? Harare’s best holiday accommodation, Willow Lodge has the answer.


Going on holiday with small children can be very stressful. You worry about travel, what they’ll eat, and how to entertain them. You might even find yourself with extra luggage because you’ve packed toys, books, games and puzzles to keep them busy. Going on holiday is supposed to be relaxing! Fortunately, some holiday accommodations now offer kids’ entertainment, activities and babysitting services. Games, art supplies and toys will be provided, as well as entertainment so that you can relax while your children have fun. Lounge by the pool while your kids go swimming, do arts and crafts, or run around the garden.

Car Hire

When you go on holiday, travelling to and from the places you want to visit can be a bother. It’s more affordable to fly to far away locations, but what about those closer? When you get to your accommodation, how will you travel if you want to explore? There may be a nearby town, restaurants, or other spots that you’d like to visit. Therefore, you should choose holiday accommodation that provides a car hire service for the times you’d need to travel.

Onsite Beautician

People generally go on holiday to relax and have fun. Is there anything more indulgent than getting a massage, or a facial? If you want your holiday to be a time of pampering, consider accommodation that offers beautician services. Get a manicure and a pedicure to prepare for a romantic evening, or have a massage, facial, or new skin treatment. An onsite beautician, spa and sauna would go a long way in creating the relaxing holiday that you need.

You could visit a spa, hire a vehicle from a place located nearby your accommodation, or bring an au pair with you to mind the kids. However, it’s easier when everything you need is one place, right where you are. One of the best holiday lodges in Harare, Willow Lodge, offers car hire, beautician services, and entertainment for the kids, so why look anywhere else?