What Constitutes As A Luxury Hotel In Harare

Luxury is often overused within the hotel industry to describe sub-par hotels. Luxury, however, holds a sentimentality for some that causes them to search for that hidden gem providing them with the ultimate feeling of indulgence. Luxury no longer refers to the premises alone, but from the service the clientele receives all the way down to the ambience. We have created a five-pointer list in which we feel are the defining factors between a ‘luxury’ hotel and a real luxurious hotel.

The Ease In Which You Are Able To Book

There is nothing more frustrating for a client than struggling to book a room in a hotel or lodge. The process needs to be seamless and with relatively low decision making needed from the client.

Flexibility With Regards To Check-In And Check-Out

Clients often find themselves wishing to be able to spend one more night in the magnificence of a luxury hotel or lodge. Having the option to have a delayed check-out time or the ease to extend your stay by one day creates a sense of importance to guests making them feel as though they have been considered priority.

It Should Be Picture Perfect

Luxury means perfection. When scouring the website for a suitable room for you and your loved ones, a luxury lodge or hotel will create an internal excitement and vision of where the clients will be staying based on the pictures of the room. So, imagine waiting two months for your first holiday in three years and end up receiving a room far downgraded from the one you initially had booked. Luxury means a set standard of room and that during the booking process the room the client shall be receiving is matched exactly to the images. Remember, the room sets the tone for the beginning of your holiday, so you deserve picture perfect.

It’s The Finishing Touches

The finishing touches of your hotel room need to make you feel luxurious. From the clean lines architecturally, to the huge tub in the bathroom. Having things like bath salts and coffee machines push the real luxury hotels over and above the rest.

Access To Amenities

Luxury is not confined to the room alone but in additional features such as a pool, as well as access to activities nearby.

There are many luxurious hotels in Harare, but there are few which strive to serve you with luxury. Here at Willow Lodge, we believe that every stay is a special occasion. Contact us today to book a night of true luxury