Three Things To Expect In Your Guest House Room

The new year is finally upon us! 2020 has been such a tough year that kicking back and basking in the sun sounds like a really great idea. However, between planning daily meals, helping the little ones with their homework, and taking care of yourself, planning for a guest house getaway in Harare isn’t that hard!

As you prepare for a well-earned family vacation, here are just a few of the things the room you’re booked into should have:

Extra Towels, Blankets & Pillows

We all have different needs, from wanting separate face towels and body towels to extra comfort to lay your head on. A family could be travelling with kids, so an extra blanket might be a necessity. These extra necessities, or luxuries on hand, will provide the needed comfort and will be a plus in guests’ eyes.


Guests don’t only find comfort in a good night’s sleep on a cloud-like bed. Comfort also comes in the form of providing indicators where their luggage sticker, potato chips packets, or other wrappings should go. There shouldn’t be a lack of designated areas to throw clutter away on your guest house’s part. This will bring you, as a guest, joy knowing your pockets won’t be filled with clutter too and your stay will be a tidier one.  

Storage Space

Your luggage needs a place to stay too. Guesthouses need to have enough space for guests to store their belongings while on site comfortably. From clothes, bags and possibly extra items like kids’ toys, and food, all need to be stored. It’s important to guests that they can rely on the guest house of their choice to have amenities in their rooms to make their stay more enjoyable. Extra hangers are also a must, and you too can bring a few if you wish.

Willow Lodge Harare prides itself in boasting about our achievements and what we’re great at and tries to provide information that’s insightful so we can be held accountable. If you’re looking for a guest house to visit during your time off work in Harare, get in touch with us today!