The unusual reason tourists should start looking at Harare hotels soon

There are many reasons why you might visit a country, such as having friends and family there or wanting to explore the sites and see wildlife. Another reason for travel is for healthcare, which is called medical tourism.

If you’re interested in getting a procedure done at a fraction of the price, Zimbabwe might be the place to go. The country is introducing a dedicated medical tourism facility soon, you might need to start looking for hotels in Harare


According to the Harare City Council, due to interest from abroad, the Belvedere Medical Centre and City Health Department plan to create a world-class medical tourism facility specialising in all medical procedures. Many Westerners travel to Asia and Africa for quality medical care for a fraction of the cost they’ll pay in their home country, before enjoying their recovery period at a magnificent tourism spot.

This option is increasingly popular with those seeking plastic surgery and want to return home looking better than ever, having healed and recovered from their procedure at a local game lodge.

Medical tourism is already a major industry in South Africa, with medical tourists spending almost R1 billion in SA in 2015. Many have their procedures done in South Africa and travel to Zimbabwe to recover.


Is having surgery and enjoying your recovery in South Africa or Zimbabwe appealing to you? If so, all you need to do is contact specialists who perform the relevant procedures in these countries to find out which options are available to you.

You’ll receive treatment in an English-speaking country with world-class private healthcare facilities and a very good exchange rate. Should you choose to have your procedure in South Africa, you’re just one short flight away from Harare, where you can recover in comfort and luxury.

When you’re recovering from even a minor cosmetic procedure, you don’t want to stay in one of the many impersonal Harare hotels that the city has to offer. Instead choose an intimate guest lodge like Willow Lodge where you can enjoy privacy and personalised care.

You’ll be able to relax in safe hands and enjoy a well-deserved break so that you can return home when you’re healed, filled with energy and fantastic memories of your stay, as well as money left in the bank.