How to pick the ideal vacation length before you start looking for hotels in Harare

Have you ever come back from a vacation feeling more tired than before you left? We’ve all joked that we need a holiday to recover from our holiday, and it turns out there’s some truth to that statement. Before you book your African getaway and start looking at luxury hotels in Harare, we suggest that you make sure you select the ideal vacation length, so you return home energised, instead of depleted.

According to research published by the Journal of Happiness Studies, the ideal length of a vacation is eight days. By examining travelers over various days, it was observed that one’s happiness while on holiday steadily increased from days one to eight, but that after the eighth day, this feeling started to recede. In order for your holiday to give you the maximum health and wellness benefits, it should be limited to just a little longer than a week.

The reason for this is that when we depart from our daily routine and stressful work week, it’s simply not possible to relax immediately. We need time to get used to being on vacation, and this means having enough time to unpack, sleep off any jetlag, and settle in to a new and temporary routine. It’s also the ideal amount of time for you to reduce your accumulated stress, catch up on lost sleep, and recharge your batteries.

Of course, when you’re choosing a more far flung destination like Zimbabwe, you might need a few more days to prepare, so that you can enjoy those eight days to the maximum. This means setting aside time to pack, settling up work, and planning for your absence, organising for pets to be fed, and arranging a house sitter. Then there will be the flights themselves, which depending on where in the world you’re coming from, can take up an entire day of your holiday.

If you’ve booked a stay with Willow Lodge, we’ll help ensure that each one your eight days are wonderful, from the moment you step off your plane onto African soil. We can arrange to have a driver meet you at the airport and transport you straight to our premises, and from there, how you choose to spend your time is completely up to you. A stay with us is a big step towards ensuring that after your eight days, you’ll return home more rejuvenated than ever.  So do your research, as not all hotels in Harare can offer you a truly personalised upmarket experience you need to truly unwind.